The tranquility of our nature must be earned by our doings to survive the way we desire upon this globe of lost integrity.

Our Species

It's true, what they say... Survival is for the fittest. Out there isn't as easy as it seems, one wrong move and it's done; you don't get another chance. For thousands of years our ancestors the Dire wolves were dwelling the lands of Letholdus. They faced obstacles and risked wars to remain in their high status. in return they had higher chances in harvesting food suffice for the entire pack. Weaker organisms would fear their presence and keep distance. All that changed then thousand years ago. It began when the humans accessed Letholdus only to knock our ancestors off the top of the food chain and claim the lands. The humans began to hunt excess food and didn't give the lands time to heal from their destruction. Organisms had no choice but to face extinction if they did not relocate. The Dire wolves were one of the last animals remaining in Letholdus but were dying out quickly. Humans hunted them for their pelt or to use their bones as medicine. Our ancestors began to move to the Flourite plains, however, some remained behind, only to be killed in less than a few months. Individuals who moved multiple times experienced physical changes in order to adapt to their surroundings, and with that being spoken, the Dire wolves experienced gene mutation; whereas they have light pelts, short muzzles and have somewhat slender bodies. They were now not called the Dire wolves, but are called the Elthen wolves.

Our Paw Print

 We don't promise to fulfill all of your needs, but we do promise to remain a family, after all; family and friends are all we have.

The pack has launched: 9th of July, 2014

Joining Laws:

-Your literacy will be tested before being accepted. We don't expect your literacy to be perfect however we expect it to be decent, minimum 4 sentences per paragraph.


-You're expected to remain active for at least 3 days in a row before being fully accepted, within those three days you are eligible of being kicked, so be careful.

-You're expected to be the Emerald Grand's pups as you join, in other words your character cannot be an adult or an adolescence when you join unless we all agreed to adopt your character during roleplay As your character grows your actions will automatically place you in the suitable rank, meaning if your character is to be shy and distant; it will fall automatically in the Omega rank. Abandoned pups /may/ be adopted.

Note: When you're joining the website; please register using your character's name.